10 interesting food themes that reflect these day’s food market


In these days, people are growing more and more interested in “well-being.” Well-being indicates several things, but the major part of it is food. Healthier food! Food for enjoyable life. Sometimes ago(maybe when my grandma was still alive), people had not been concerned about what they eat, but eat only for surviving. How could they care what they eat? We were short of any kinds of food.

But now? Things have been changed. New technologies are developed. New machine, new spices, new pesticide….Food becomes super-duper abundant. We can choose what we want to eat. We eat for surviving as well as enjoying good taste, being healthier and so on.

However, many problems exist in these day’s  food market. One of them is this. When we go to market, thousands of the same kind of food that are labeled different brand names on are sold.


Look at these!

Which one would you choose to drink?

Buyer is hard to find what they need or want while a seller is hard because they should stand out among those thousands of competitors. I’m going to introduce you that fiery competitive food market with ten interesting themes.

  1. Dieters’ dream

We all want to be thin. Diet! The hottest theme, I’m sure of it.

If you have an experience of looking for low fat, low Calories, low sodium, low sweetener here and there in market,

you would agree with me that this is the very dream that Dieter have always dreamt of.


Isn’t it


  1. Guilty pleasure

“ [G]uilty pleasure is something, such as a movie, a television program or a piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not held in high regard” (Wikipedia).

Just saying, you would feel pleasure when you do something you usually restrain from doing.

More simply saying, you would feel pleasure when you choose to eat buttery chocolate during your diet.


누텔라 Even if You ruin my diet…(not in high regard)

     I cannot give you up;< So tasty!! (enjoy)



  1. Too good to be true

Exaggeration is one of marketing strategies.

But think that there is exaggeration among exaggerations.

글루텐 프리, 색소없고 콘시럽 없고..


 How Exceptional!

 Isn’t is too good to be true?


4. Disastrous food packaging

Food packaging is crucial for the food industries

It could be a marketing strategy or trademark or a method of keeping food fresh.

However, it cannot always be good. There is disastrous food packaging exist.

뚜껑없는 캔들

What am I missing up there?


 the can what we want

   Here it is.


In the first image, cans do not have opener as a can in the second image.

Well, we invented tools to open cans like those in the first picture.

But why don’t they use can that is opener-attached one? Why should we buy can open tool separately?

That can food industry may collude with a can open tool industry. Who knows?

  1. Ironic food

All desert contain a considerable amount of sugar. Of course it is not good for health, however for taste, it is inevitable to use sugar. The less sugar, the less taste.

To stand out among competitors, a seller should keep some level of taste of their product. At the same time, a seller should follow the food trend: well-being!


Taste or well-being, that is the question!

A picture above is a desert that follows the food trend rather than pursues the better taste. The problem is that even if customers want healthier foods, they also want tasty foods. Guilty pleasure isn’t just created for nothing.

How ironic! They gave up taste because they want customers to buy their product but lose their customers, because of being less tasty.

  1. Hangover cure

There are many types of hangover cure in the world. In South Korea, people eat spicy soup after they drink.

행오버 한국

Spicy as hell

I heard that they eat the tomato for hangover cure in Europe. But in anywhere in the world, no one hasn’t experienced the hangover cure that Haley drink (Modern Family Season 4)



  1. Going organic, going broke

Well-being trend brings organic trend in the food industry. People want food that “Organic” label attached to

However, organic food requires a great deal of care. It means it’s expensive.


오가닉 아닌거

    IT’s not Organic

오가닉 비쌈

         There it is~!

The difference between non-organic and organic food is 1 dollar, but they say “Drop by drop fills the tub.” That one-dollar will be snowballing and at last, it could be a reason you broke.

  1. Eating on a budget

Eating on a budget is a crucial theme for the student like me. We have to choose what is less expensive because there are so many things to spend money on other than food.

후지 물 가격표

What makes you that much expensive?

 다사니 가격표

         Not enough!

아쿠아피나 가격표(젤 싼거)jpg

          Is is what I am looking for!

 Save now! Or you will regret:)

  1. Simple versus Complex

Sometimes I don’t know what to do, when I face with all those ingredients. To make a little simple garden salad, I should buy some of the vegetables, wash it, sometimes peel it, chop it….sooo many things to do. Complex than you thought.


What am I going to do with that? What should I do?

However, there is food that saves you!


Simple as you see!


Already washed, peeled, chopped…The only thing that I need is a delicious dressing.

However, nutrition including Vitamin C could be already destroyed, because it is easily destroyed during preparation process (washing, chopping, etc.).

This is the moment that you choose. Simple versus complex! There is no correct answer.

  1. Targeted at tots

All themes I talked about focus on well-being, budget, and even hangover cure that reflects adult’s perspective.

The last theme is about kids. Kids don’t care about nutrition, cooking, and budget. How do food industries target children? The answer is this.

애들을 상대로 한 표지

Hey, kids!

Don’t you try us?

If their favorite superheroes attract them on the label of the food product, they do not hesitate to try it.

I introduced you ten interesting themes that reflect these day’s food market.

I hope that you guys enjoy it and select food what you want to eat based on it.



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